Sukamade and Ijen Trip (3D2N)


    • Welcome to Surabaya, AOM team will take you straight to Banyuwangi by car or by train. You will be on the road for approximately 8 hours.
    • Check in at the hotel at Banyuwangi, relax and rest, prepare for trekking tomorrow.


    • After breakfast, we drive to the Ijen Volcano area and prepare for trekking. Verdant peaks, trekking trails, worlds largest acidic crater lake, blue fire, and sunrise makes for a new experience for nature lovers.
    • On the way back home, we make a stop to enjoy Blawaan waterfalls, cave, ancient lady bath area, and hot spring.
    • Trip to Sukamade Turtle Beach will take around 4-5 hours of off-road drive. But don’t worry, along the way, you will be occupied with sight seeing, coco plantations, cliffs, and beaches. Overnight at Sukamade guesthouse.


    • You will be invited to see for yourself, a mother turtle coming from the sea towards the beach to lay her eggs. However, it is not guaranteed that you will always be able to see a mother turtle returning from the sea to lay her eggs. You may confirm with us beforehand.
    • In the morning, you will visit Sukamade Turtle Breeding Facility, where you can learn more about turtles. You will also be given a chance to release baby turtles back to the sea.
    • Tour end.

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