Midnight Bromo Trip

DAY 1:

  • At 00:00 AM, AOM team will pick you up at your location and head straight to Bromo area and continue on a jeep. The sunrise hunting is the most awaited moment by all Bromo travelers around the world. Penanjakan is a leading direct visual access to Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, and Mount Semeru, and you will find a temple that stands firmly in the middle of the dessert around the foot of Mount Bromo.
  • After watching the dawning sun, you will proceed with the adventure by trekking the peak of Mount Bromo either by foot or riding a horse.
  • Tour end.

4 thoughts on “Midnight Bromo Trip

  1. Our trip to Bromo was marvelous. We had a really great time. The tour guide knew the place extremely well that he managed to give a superb service for us and sent us to magical spots for pictures. Overall, an indelible experience.

  2. Hallo.. Senang bisa melakukan perjalanan (trip) ke Bromo bersama teman2.. Terlebih dengan pemandu yang sudah berpengalaman dan menguasai rute (track) setempat..

    Walaupun kami dijemput lebih awal dan harus menunggu lebih lama di lereng gunung, namun iu merupakan sebuah moment yg berharga dimana kami dapat bercengkrama bersama dalam kedinginan.. Wkwkwkwk..

    Secara keseluruhan rangkaian acara baik dan dapat berjalan lancar.. Kami semua dapat menikmati perjalanan dengan senang dan kembali dengan slamat..

    Thx AOM

  3. Great adventure with AOM! Nice trip and friendly guide. Trust your trip plan with AOM and enjoy your moment! =)

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