Established in 2015, AOM Tour and Adventure is a tourism service company that focuses on Indonesia. What started as a community of hikers, we are now considered as the best and most trusted agent to accompany you on your trip to nature destinations in Indonesia. Our crew are equipped with survival skills that are ready to face any unpredictable situations that may occur. The founder has a mission, that is to invite people, especially tourists, to enjoy, to love, and to preserve the beauty of this country’s nature. Packed with knowledge and passion in what we do, we want to give you the best service we possibly can, so that you can love Indonesia more and more.


Our Vision:

To be the best and most reliable tour and adventure agent in delivering quality services to aspiring adventurers.

Our Mission:

  1. Prioritize politeness and honesty in all services
  2. Provide many options of quality and enticing adventure packages
  3. Always giving the best services and is committed to make enjoyable, unique, and exciting adventures
  4. Helps candidate adventurers to plan an adventure suited for them